Our choice of raw material is a core focus for Favini. In particular, we guarantee that the pulps processed in our paper production are sourced from carefully managed and controlled forests.

Products carrying the FSC label are certified to assure consumers that they come from forests that are managed to meet the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations. FSC certification ensures that all processes involved in taking the raw materials from the forest to the consumer – processing, transformation, manufacturing and distribution - are carefully controlled.

Favini patented the product Shiro Alga Carta and its manufacturing process – it’s a unique ecological paper produced from algal blooms. Originally, the paper was conceived as a way to use the damaging algae in the Venice Lagoon. This concept has now been extended to protect other fragile marine areas.

The process allows us to re-use pollutant material that is difficult to dispose of. We are also able to save pulp, as it is partially replaced and recycled using the algae. The result is a unique high quality paper speckled with algae particles.

We also offer a wide range of ecological papers manufactured with residuals from fruit processing - lemon, orange, maize, apple and olive. So, if you have a particular material in mind, let us know and we’ll give it a try!

Our range of ecological papers includes Shiro Tree Free - a paper manufactured with fibres from renewable annual crops such as bamboo, cotton linters and bagasse (from sugar cane crushing). This paper has no FSC certification because it doesn’t include any forest material.

We use post-consumer waste previously de-inked as well as pulp from well-managed and controlled forests. Our care for the environment is demonstrated by our choice of FSC certified de-inked pulps - Shiro Echo contains 100% post consumer recycled waste.

We also use pre consumer waste, such as the edgings and other wastes from the manufacture and converting processes which are sorted for reuse in our colour cycles.

Our plant in Crusinallo uses 100% Green Energy, electricity is generated by renewable sources from the manufacturing of some papers such as Astralux. All this helps to reduce our CO2 emissions.

Shiro, our ecological range, is manufactured using Energia Pura – electrical energy covered by RECS (Renewable Energy Certificate System) Certificates. These directly support the development of electrical energy production coming from renewable sources such as solar, wind power, hydro-electric and geothermic. The Certificates match the energy used in our manufacturing process.